About Punganur Municipality



Up gradation of Punganur Municipality from 3rd Grade to 2nd Grade vide Go.Ms.No:249,dt:05.09.2019 of Chittoor District, under Anantapur Region. The Municipality has an extent of 15.46 Sq.K.m.The population of the town is 54746 as per 2011 census. The Municipality is divided into 24 Election Wards and 31 Revenue Blocks. The Municipality has 20 Notified Poor settlements and-13- Non-Notified poor settlements


Punganur town is located at 130-5’  N latitude and 780 32’ E  latitude in the estreame western part of Chittoor District. 24K.ms from Madanapalli and  72 K.Ms to District Head quarters, On NH – 219 and MSL of the town is 2386fts .The main line of Madras Bombay Trunk Road having enough passengers and good transport of RTC and Private traffic run often to meet the needy situation of the public.

            The Agriculture land 18% under water bodies covered about 71% of total extent of the town. The commercial, recreational areas are 1.1% of the total extent.


            Punganuru has very ancient history. It was established as “VALANARAYANA CHATURVEDI MANGALAM”  DURING 1610 A.C and later on it was know as PULINAADU. It was ruled by no of kingdoms like Chola Dinesty, Vidhambulu, Rastrakutulu and Pandyas up to 1308.From 1308 to 1510 it was under the Rule of Jamindhaari ( Generation of Pandyas). During 1781 the constitution went into the hands of Tippusult